Exceptional Leaders are forged through
Exceptional Challenges


Dr. Vicky Gordon believes that the shortest path for good leaders to become great leaders runs straight through their current business challenges. Forgoing lengthy, traditional career development approaches, she uses those business challenges as the basis for real-time improvement in leadership.


Through a proven approach tailored to the individual’s unique needs, Dr. Gordon works closely with the leader to:

  • Determine individual goals and measures of success in terms of business challenges and desired outcomes.
  • Identify the leader’s chief strengths and Achilles heel (often a strength overdone).
  • Uncover the leader’s ‘invisible resume’ – how other people actually view the leader’s effectiveness.
  • Determine the behaviors to change in order to leverage strengths and eliminate the Achilles heel.
  • Create a concrete individual leadership development action plan using current business challenges as the playing field for behavior changes.
  • Build coaching and support with other leaders in the organization.

Throughout the process, Dr. Gordon provides feedback and advice as the leader implements specific behavior changes. At the conclusion of the process, she assesses the success of the leader’s development efforts and ensures that on-going development support is in place.

Sample past clients: Dell, Ameritech/SBC/AT&T, Marsh, CNA Insurance, PepsiCo, Rexam, Smith & Nephew, Shore Bank, American Society of Anesthesiologists.