Exceptional Teams, Like Exceptional Leaders, Get Real Results


From boards of directors to senior leadership teams to high-potential groups, teams must discharge highly specific responsibilities in the face of concrete business challenges.


Just as she does in individual coaching, Dr. Vicky Gordon uses those specific challenges as the context for improving performance. Depending on each team’s unique needs, she:

  • Diagnoses the group’s key issues.
  • Provides feedback in a group setting and, where appropriate, private feedback to individual team members.
  • Brings the group to agreement on specific action plans and collective commitments for doing things differently.
  • Measures the group’s success and provides those results to make course corrections and to reinforce improvements.

Having worked with senior and high-potential groups at companies such as Ecolab, FCC, Verint Video Solutions, Johnson Controls, Catalina Marketing, American Movie Channel, American Hospitals, and CNA Insurance, Dr. Gordon understands the exacting standards of performance that teams must meet to be effective.


Team Leadership Coaching Steps

Step 1: Determine the team’s leadership improvement objectives required to drive the organization’s success.

Step 2: Assess the team’s leadership effectiveness using interviews, an on-line team effectiveness survey, MBTI and FIRO-B.

Step 3: Design and conduct team session(s) to share the team’s effectiveness assessment and gain the team’s commitment to change their leadership behaviors.

Step 4: Provide coaching to the team leader and measure the team’s leadership improvements to reinforce changes over a five (5) month period.