Exceptional Events call for an Exceptional Speaker


How do you become a more inspiring, influential leader?

A nationally recognized authority in the field of leadership development and organizational change, Dr. Vicky Gordon is a vibrant and engaging speaker who can help make your meeting a memorable event. She is available for:

  • Keynotes
  • Custom Presentations
  • Workshops
  • Board and Leadership Retreats

Through the years she has built a large audience of leading business people. They trust her to offer practical strategies to increase their leadership skills and avoid the pitfalls that can stall their company's growth and derail their careers. Long after the event is over, her insights continue to reverberate, creating lasting value.

Sample Speech Topics

Exceptional Times Require Exceptional Leaders

Based on interviews with 20 CEOs from Fortune’s List of America’s Most Admired Companies, this presentation examines the challenges facing the next generation of senior executives: what it takes to be an inspiring and influential leader in the 21st century, what tomorrow’s leaders really need to learn from today’s leaders, and what the changing model of leadership means to organizations.

Rewriting Your ‘Invisible Resume’

Whether you know it or not, you carry around an “invisible resume” – the way other people actually “read” your actions, attributes, and character. Do you know what’s on your ‘invisible resume’ – the strengths and weaknesses that determine your effectiveness as a leader with the people around you? Many of the items on that resume may surprise you, pleasantly or unpleasantly. If the latter, it’s essential that you know how to rewrite it. Dr. Vicky Gordon can show you how.

Are you the Real Deal? How to Communicate with Credibility in a YouTube World

In a flash, a message from a customer or employee can spread around the globe, affecting your company’s brand – for better or worse. Leaders must respond decisively and instantaneously. They must be able to improvise and to communicate clearly and authentically to many disparate audiences. They must master the art of influence. And they must project the transparency required to maintain credibility in a YouTube world. From this presentation, leaders can learn how to align words, actions, and outcomes so that they are seen as “the real deal.”

Leadership: Helping Others Succeed

Exceptional leaders lead by helping others to succeed. They coach and inspire others to reach beyond their own limitations. Coaching and helping others develop requires skills every leader must master. Learn best practices in coaching skills and techniques from a 23-year veteran master coach.